Tuesday, May 6, 2014

UN: Vatican tortures, rapes children (NPR)

Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Sylvia Poggioli (NPR, 5-6-14)
Yeah, we molest kids, of course. We even make "sacred" art about it for our churches.
UN grills Vatican officials on sex abuse
Maybe I still run things in secret. *Giggle*
A U.N. committee has found that the systematic sex abuse [of children] by Catholic priests in the Vatican's corporate body (the Roman Catholic Church) amounts to torture.

["Torture" is defined by international treaties to which the Holy See is apparently a signatory, or the court might not have any say over their crimes against humanity. 

Small "country" but very, very rich
The Vatican is not only Roman Catholic HQ. It is also a tiny city-state independent of Italy and Rome. Vatican City is its capital. It has massive cash, art, and gold reserves in its own corrupt banking system and private financial institutions. It has a tiny population of roughly 1,000 elite clerics and Swiss guards, and a CEO whose rotating position is popularly called "the papacy," which Pope Francis currently fronts, and which Benedict may still run the way Dick Cheney ran the U.S. while G.W. Bush shook hands and acted a bumbling fool too simple to be much of a threat.]

At the Holy See's first appearance before the committee, experts on the panel peppered the representative with questions. On Tuesday, the Vatican has a chance to respond. LISTEN

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