Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prosecutor manipulates Grand Jury; Hagel out

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Euronews, 11-25-14
Justice demands an indictment. Attorney Rob McCulloch fails (handsupdontshoot.com)

"Riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK Jr.

Whites protest racist injustice in USA.
From Los Angeles and Oakland, California to New York, there have been widespread protests in the wake of the Ferguson ruling -- not an ordinary grand jury but a secret, one-sided trial orchestrated by a racist, biased, pro-police prosecutor to make it impossible for the hand selected grand jurors to reasonably return any other "verdict."

What should have gone to public trial was instead litigated behind closed doors where outrageously murderer Darren Wilson was allowed to give his side of why he chose to kill unarmed teenager Michael Brown, whereas all eyewitnesses were systematically discounted, discredited, and dismissed unless they confirmed Wilson's story.

Hands up, don't shoot, racist policeman.
The purpose of the grand jury system is to determine simply if there is enough of a reason to send someone to trial, not to secretly hold a one-sided trial. We were all deprived of justice, all deprived of a vigorous prosecution, or any kind of justice.

Therefore, justice goes to the street to demand reform. Out of 165,000 grand jury cases in one year, only 11 failed to bring back an indictment, according to Vince Warren (Democray Now!, Sojourner Truth, Nov. 25, 2014).

Right wing hypocrite
In Los Angeles, demonstrators expressed frustration and disappointment with the decision but few said they were surprised by the official ruling as they consider the life of a young black man is considered cheap.

Demonstrator Haki Daniels said: "I didn't really anticipate any different outcome. I mean, he was around my age, I'm 17. So it's a possibility that I could be shot and killed and there would be no justice to c… More (euronews.com)
Obama lied: US War on Afghanistan to continue
(Euronews.com, Nov. 24, 2014)

Mouthpiece for the Pentagon
Obama pressures Secretary of War Hagel to resign and step down or be fired then lies about it as U.S. president signs secret order to continue U.S. War on Afghanistan.

Did he jump ship, or was he pushed off? Officially, Chuck Hagel has "resigned" as U.S. Defense Secretary after less than two years on the job -- in a move confirmed by Pres. B.S. Obama at the White House.

The mainstream media is set up to perpetuate the status quo, the sexist, racist, capitalist ways things are, and there's nothing anyone can do about it...or is there? (Tom Tomorrow/thismodernworld.com)
The disappointing U.S. president heaped fake praise on Hagel, a U.S. War on Vietnam veteran and former Republican senator. (After all, allegedly "liberal," "progressive," "socialist," Nobel Peace Laureate Pres. Obama selected a Republican to lead the Department of War via the Pentagon war rooms, and no one in the mainstream media made much of it).

"There is one thing I know about Chuck," Obama told a joint news conference between bouts of fake praise. "He does not make this or any decision lightly. This decision [to accept me telling him to step down] does not come easily to him. But I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to h… More

More torture for U.S. prisoners?
Defend prisoner whistleblowers. Defend the Dallas 6 (sotrueradio.org)
Will there be blowback from the [Nov. 20, 2014] Daily News cover story about the use of excessive force in the Philadelphia prison system? "If they can't do the time, they shouldn't do the crime," some will say about my colleague Dana DiFilippo's tale of inmates who died under questionable circumstances or are alleged to have suffered injuries at the hands of prison officials. 
What else might ordinary people reflexively say?"Criminals crying over mistreatment? Too bad they didn't cry over mistreating their victims!" "It's a prison, not a resort. Criminals get what they deserve."
It is as if an inmate's sentence -- handed down by a biased judge or jury, after hearing both sides of a case -- somehow requires more mistreatment, neglect, terror, or death. As if an unquestioned perk of any correctional officer's job is to beat an inmate with impunity because if someone is stupid enough to get incarcerated, whatever happens is that person's fault [not his or her attacker's]. More

UprisingRadio.org, Nov. 24, 2014
No Justice No Peace
Uprising Radio guest expert Rahul Mahajan (sociologist, news analyst, and author of Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq and Beyond) analyzes today’s news headlines: Pres. Obama has secretly extended the US invasion and illegal occupation of Afghanistan despite a public pledge to draw down troops (or at least convert them to "adviser" status). Previously, only about 10,000 troops were to remain per bilateral “status-of-forces” agreement signed by Afghanistan’s newly installed Pres. Ashraf Ghani. Now, according to a story based on unnamed officials, the... More
Due process NOT deadly force. Police accountability NOW! (dontshootstl.org)
All our silences in the face of racist assault are acts of complicity (dontshootstl.org).

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