Monday, November 3, 2014

Preserving the Harvest (Gardening)

Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly;;
The ideal home/meditation hut in the back of a big backyard garden (

Permaculture gardening in a large metropolis works well with raised plots (

Is there a better way to "meditate" -- to cultivate serenity, calm, attention, and insight -- than gardening? Sometimes it only by sticking one's hands into the earth that we can become grounded. Finding the ground, our support, is the first step. Preparing the soil in a natural way (without deadly chemicals, toxins, pesticidal GMOs, etc.), in an organic and sustainable way, comes next.

(Rainbow Gardens) After planting, cultivating comes harvesting to eat well from the yard!

Preparing Farmory Arts garden (WQ)
Permaculture offers creative solutions to all difficulties industrial chemical corporations like Monsanto or BASF say to poison. The best thing about permaculture is that it offers a whole new way of thinking and seeing the "problem" as an advantage that needs no solution.

The sky devas offer free water. The temperature tells the seeds, bulbs, and fruit what to do. Having gardened and allowed the bounty to ripen on the vine, it comes time to harvest the abundance. But how to preserve it? offers many options.

(Late Bloomers) Visiting the winder garden with Kaye Kittrell to wash off cute aphids with soapy water and see what vegetables are good to eat (chard, kale, bok choy).
Chem-free Plum Village (Quest4pce)
UCLA: Landscape Regeneration as a Key Strategy in the Future of Global Health Chris Shanks (Nov. 13) is a permaculture enthusiast and has worked with some of the finest permaculture and ecological designers in the Western hemisphere. Fascinated with living systems, Shanks studies whole systems design, ethno-botany, horticulture, mycology, and ecology. His interests have led him to study agro-ecosystems and cultural anthropology on both US coasts, Mexico, Hawaii, as well as the temperate and sub-tropical regions around the world.
6 Top Rules of Canning: Canning is not without its challenges. Follow these guidelines from Tart and Sweet to keep it fun, easy, and delicious.

Andrea Cooper's Spicy Salsa: Once you find a perfect salsa recipe, you need no others

Share the Harvest: Preserves save the best of summer for the dead of winter.

Rumtopf: Preserve fruit with rum for a fun holiday treat.

Harvesting & Storing Squash: Welcome winter with a nutritious cache of squash in the cellar.

Herbs All Year: What’s the best way to preserve fresh herbs? The answer may surprise you.

Making Fermented Pickles: Nothing beats the taste of a real (cucumber, gherkin) pickle.

Blackberry Lavender No-Cook Freezer Jam: Tuck this tasty treat away in the freezer.

Freezer Jam: Homemade preserves with half the sugar and none of the fuss? Here's how.

Truly Green Preserves: Here's a great way to use those end-of-season green tomatoes.
Bhumi deva (Buddhist fairy) relaxing in the home garden (WeGoTwo/flickr .com)

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