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Semjase: Contact from the Pleiades (video)

Dev, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; Semjase, Billy Meier, Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens
Burmese Theravada Buddhist stupa named Shitthuang Pagoda, a sacred reliquary mound in Mrauk U, Arakhine state, Burma, under a karmic eclipse (Jon Sheer/Jraptor/

Earthling Billy Meier meets ET Semjase
(BTC) For the first time in history extraterrestrials (akasha devas) land and allow photos to be taken of their starships and Billy Meier and those living at his compound in Switzerland were there to see and photograph it.

ET Semjase also allowed Meier to invite the press for a photo opportunity. Read this chapter along with me, and hear all the trouble the Pleiadians went through to inculcate Meier for this mission and how difficult it was. Meier had to meet Semjase at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning and still work a job to feed his family.

Space devas, female devis, apsaras, bas relief, Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Andreadaddi/flickr)
Painting of Semjase (
He was off to meet her during the winter in the early morning hours when it was freezing cold, yet people want to call the information a hoax? They surely have not read the book.

The Pleiadians took the mission very seriously, planning it long before Billy Meier was even born and educating him in many ways. There were trips on board the craft, trips to the past, trips to the future, trips to other galaxies.

Wendelle Stevens (image credit: Maritza Keefe)
USAF Lt. Col. Stevens (Maritza Keefe)
All of this is told in U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens' book, but Stevens forgot to proofread it. So in many places, it is very difficult to understand. The translations from the original German are not very good at times. The sentence structure could have been improved by him, but he wrote it like it was an Air Force report without much concern for its general readability.

The book is nevertheless an amazing achievement, and that is why I put two weeks into Chapter 4, and this is only Part 1.

Shining ones and Titans, devas/asuras, war in heaven (space)
There are likely to be four parts to Chapter 4. And with each an hour long, it will take more than one video.

Stevens spends a lot of time discussing whether or not there was double exposure used in the photographs, which seems a waste of time, But it shows some of the conflicts that arose between Semjase and Billy Meier.

If the Pleiadians can read minds, why did they not know what was in his heart? Aliens fly from galaxy to galaxy, like modern humans on this Earth go from town to town, yet they can not figure out how to put money into Meier's pocket?

The apsaras are celestial space-maidens.
Meier has 25 people living at the compound, whom he could put to work: For example, they could sell fruits and vegetables and bring home support for Meier the many bills he has to pay.

All through Chapter 4, he is complaining about bills. Space people (akasha devas and messenger gandharvas), "shining ones" in Buddhist terms, should not take on missions unless they have all of the details. This is a money-planet ruled by reptilian (naga) and titan (asura) economic structures. So none of this should come as a surprise.

Semjase moves a high security power blue envelope from a safe to a hotel room to show the powers of the devas, yet she relocate cash from a drug dealer or criminal banker and take deposit the money for Meier and his Swiss dependents? With those spaceships and that advanced technology, one could take every cent the Illuminati, the movers-and-shakers, have. Money would just vanish from their ill gotten gains as digits in computer accounts and show up in Meier's account so he could get on with the mission.
Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

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