Friday, November 28, 2014

Secret religious worlds: Jewish, Amish (video)

(CBS News, New York) Dr. Nancy Snyderman looks into the secretive world of Hasidism in "Isolated World"/"Former Hasidic Jews Reveal Hidden World" an interview with formerly Jewish Americans Ari Mandel, Melissa Weiss, Sam Katz, and Hindi Sable.

Bunny, what's sex like? (
An in depth documentary on the world of Hasidism, an Orthodox (rigorously adhering to the Bible's hundreds of commandments) Jewish sect centered mainly in cosmopolitan New York City. It explains what Hasidism is and how it differs to contemporary Judaism. Their dedication to principle is beautiful and verging on the monastic.

Are we supposed to be ashamed of the body?
It covers sex, strict sexual segregation, the laws of Judaism (Talmud), Kosher food, weddings, and those who have embraced, rejected, and left Judaism. It features Luzer Twersky and Jewish author Simon Jacobson. The greatest thing about many Hasidic Jews is that they do NOT usually support the genocidal colonial settler regimes running the "State of Israel" (i.e., illegally occupied Palestine) or its current authoritarian regime and phony democracy under CIA Operative/Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, they have done and said much to embarrassment numerous administrations, showing how their actions run counter to Jewish law, both biblical and commentarial. But the nominal and Reformed Jews pay little attention to what their Torah scholars have to say, choosing instead the way of money and militarism as a branch of the U.S. military-industrial complex.

Are Amish Christians in U.S.?

AMISH COUNTRY, Pennsylvania - The BBC investigates religion in the USA with an intimate portrait of Amish family life and faith, following Old Order Amish couple Miriam and David and their family. This video captures the reason this family decided to go against rules and tradition and open their lives to the cameras in a society where the church forbids photography.

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