Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Angry Indian Goddesses, saving India's forest, going to Cuba, undercover in Saudi Arabia...

PRI's The World; Crystal Quintero, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; PBS (Frontline)
Bollywood in Hollywood: Los Angeles hosts the 2016 Indian Film Festival April 6-10.

"Angry Indian Goddesses" official trailer, a Pan Nalin film at Indian Film Festival, Los Angeles
These Indian women protect forests better than men. The village men agree.
Even the monsoon rains don’t keep the women of Ghunduribadi, a tiny tribal village in India’s eastern state of Odisha (Orissa), from patrolling the nearby forest at dawn.

Clad in colorful saris and armed with sticks and machetes, they file in the rain through rice fields and onto a muddy path that leads into 500 acres of wooded hills in the Nayagarh district. They’re looking for intruders that come to cut down their trees without permission.

Women's patrol nabbed three illegal loggers from nearby village and brought them to the local council. If not for the presence of reporter, they would've beaten the men (Sam Eaton).

Not long ago these women would have been considered trespassers here. Nearby, there are heavy stone markers laid down by the British in the 1800s when the government declared this forest its own.

But now, under India’s landmark 2006 Forest Rights Act, tribal villages like Ghunduribadi can claim title to their ancestral lands, some 150,000 square miles of forest all across India. That’s an area almost the size of California, making it one of the largest land reforms in India’s history. More

Secret activists use cameras to show repression by Saudi authorities

Environmentalists fear Americans will ruin Cuba's biodiversity

Fighting North Korea's dictatorship through flash drives
This Latina (Guatemalan) rapper thinks hip-hop can unite all women
Brutal Bronze Age battle discovery changes understanding of history

Is pressure to set records turning polar adventure into a lying game?

"Tex-Mex Gringa" musician is proud to carry on the family name
It's NOT a den of terrorists. Here's a different picture of Molenbeek

Did Putin save the day for Assad/Syria or create a bigger challenge?

Scientists hail latest quantum computer as "holy grail" of computing

Why Buddhist-Cambodia's sex workers may not need to be saved

Syrian gov't recaptures the ancient city of Palmyra from CIA/ISIS

China says: Stop giving things embarrassing Western names!

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