Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beginners: What is Buddhism? (video)

Simply_Kenna; Koi Fresco; 2015; Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

★ Hello, loves. In today's video we talk all about Buddhism. I do my best to try and explain the teachings and concepts behind the teachings. I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something from it. If you disagree with things I say, that is fine. But please no negativity in the comments. I'm just trying to spread knowledge and positivity here. Namaste. xx

[NOTE: Regarding the Three Jewels, Buddhists do not take "refuge" in them. The word mistranslated as "refuge" is actually sarana and means "guidance." (See Colonel Olcott's explanation.) A Buddhist goes for guidance to the Enlightened One or Master Physician, the Medicine, and those Already Cured by that Medicine who can also help others to liberation.]

Thank you for your feedback online. This week we'll be starting a new mini-series on one of Koi's favorite and most respected world religions or  philosophies, Buddhism. Koi  will be giving a brief rundown of the main pillars of Buddhism, simple understandings behind the philosophy, who "The Buddha" really was. The NEXT video continues the exact steps. Enjoy! Much Love.

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