Thursday, May 4, 2017

Meditation: What is "samadhi"?

Jafree Ozwald ( edited by Wisdom Quarterly

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Samadhi is a spiritual [subtle body of prana, chi, vayo dhatu, spiritus, or holy "spirit"] experience of absorption that opens us to high states of consciousness and inner bliss.

Mahayana Buddhism is a kind of Hinduism.
It is stepping into our "enlightened" [not in the Buddhist sense of final liberation but in the Vedic/Hindu sense of temporary liberation or deluded-moksha] nature that is temporarily free from all suffering.

Samadhi is found through diving into a consistent [coherent] state of pure consciousness, which is void of attachment to any thought.

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Samadhi is a deeply personal and intimate merging with the inner divine that is all around us. It is being unified with the universe through consciousness.

When one reaches samadhi there is a deep knowing that all is one and that "oneness" is at the core of who we are. Samadhi gives us a moment to moment spiritual experience that is opening, trusting, and softening into each new moment of life.

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Samadhi is the ever expanding realization that the ego is not real and that "I" (the self, soul, spirit, divine essence) is what is truly real and will never die.
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