Friday, May 26, 2017

Rapist? Bikram Yoga's founder a fugitive (video)

Nightline ABC 7 News; CNN; Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

The "Trump of Yoga" Bikram Choudhury -- the founder of the phony Bikram "McYoga" system taught to Pres. Nixon (which exacerbates and leads to an imbalance in the pitta dosha or "fiery element" of a person's constitution) -- is now an international fugitive from justice -- too cheap and too proud to pay out after lawsuit.

(CNN, Apr 2, 2015) Bikram yoga founder denies [rape and] sex assault allegations. In part two of this CNN exclusive, Bikram Yoga creator Bikram Choudhury denies allegations of rape and sexual assault by six of his former students.

Stressed out Western capitals love harshness calling it "yoga" when it's not.
(March 15, 2017) Rajashree Choudhury, ex-wife of Bikram, talks on radio
Bikram Yoga founder ordered to pay over $7 million in sexual assault lawsuit

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