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Does California have largest pyramid? (video)

Investigator Igor Kryan; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Farther south there stands an enormous Mexican pyramid at Teotihuacan (

World largest alien pyramid in extraterrestrial UFO base [off coast of] California -- bigger than Egyptian?
This amazing video is different than other videos because one can verify all of its mind-blowing facts without ever getting up (i.e., online). On Jan. 26, 1951 the USS Independence, an enormous 650 foot long aircraft carrier nicknamed “The Mighty One” was nuked and sank 50 miles southwest of San Francisco.

In 1970 the U.S. Navy dumped 48,000 radioactive barrels on top of it, killing all marine life from California's Farallon Islands to Half Moon Bay. To nuke then dump radioactive material on a carrier so close to California's populated coast seemed like the dumbest decision the US Navy could ever make. But in fact they were trying to eradicate an ancient alien base near the California shore.

Locals were constantly finding strange and inexplicable things on the beaches of Central California. The most curious were 24 karat solid gold bars each weighing about 5 ounces with Egyptian-like inscriptions found
washed ashore by two different people.

What is inside ancient pyramids?
It is impossible to tell when they were made because carbon dating only works on organic materials not metals. But judging by their condition, they had been underwater for centuries -- long before the first Europeans forcibly colonized California.

One may remember the story published earlier this year of a Nordic looking woman found wearing strange gold clothing. She was found in Central California on the same shore. Her dress was made of nano-gold thread unknown on earth. She could not remember anything of her past and spoke a strange dialect of a Coptic language.

After researching these weird findings in Central California, the Kryan Channel traveled to the Central California coast -- only to find that it was sealed off from public access with strange lights coming out of it at night. One can easily verify the lights coming from the shallow ocean water: They show up on Google Earth as well as having been leaked by NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

The world is covered with pyramids on every continent in places that would shock many.
The waters were guarded by several Coast Guard boats. And the entire beach was covered in "fog" on a sunny day. We [Kryan Channel investigators] talked to Coast Guard service officers, and they told us they are here daily to keep everyone out so that no one will pass through and into the fog. They are also not allowed to travel beyond the fog because it is under US Navy jurisdiction rather than that of the California Coast Guard.

One of them said that recent California storms had exposed something on the beach that should have remained hidden. Undeterred, we hired small subs with divers. And what we found underwater was incredible.
As incredible as our underwater findings were, they paled in comparison to what we found onshore. Once we stepped onshore, the first thing that shocked us was seeing fog in the middle of a sunny California day. Moreover, miles and miles of beautiful California beach were completely empty, not a single soul. Soon we realized that miles of beach were fenced off by the Navy and the National Forest Service with multiple fences marked with clear warnings forbidding entrance into the area.

Strange manmade concrete blocks were scattered onshore with huge 12 foot (4 meter) diameter pipes coming up from underground. Then we saw it: It was a giant step pyramid coming out of the side of the cliff.

The exposed section was at least twice the size of Egyptian and Mexico's Mayan pyramids. But one can clearly tell that part was exposed after a landslide brought on by the recent storm with the bulk of it still hidden in the cliff.

The massive base of the Great Pyramid of Cholula Puebla in Mexico (wiki)
One can also see that its bottom is rubble. The main step slope is mostly intact. It must have been built at least several millennia ago and looks larger than any known pyramid.
Massive pyramid revealed in Antarctica
This year the water level receded exposing other incredible structures of what appears to be an ancient alien base. Only 20,000 years ago  the California shoreline was over 20 miles (30 kms) wider stretching far out into what is now submerged by ocean.

That is to say, after the last Ice Age ended, water reclaimed over 20 miles of land, submerging these structures. This year, due to California coastal landslides that resulted from heavy rains and storms, previously submerged coast was exposed and the Pacific Ocean retreated a few meters exposing these incredible ancient alien structures.

Do not take anyone's word for it. Check updated Google Earth views of California's submerged ocean floor showing other pyramids and entire sunken cities and alien bases. What has been found there on Google Earth is incredible and simply beyond belief.

First Paleo-Indians were primitive savages?
History as we know it has to be rewritten. Whoever built these pyramids and cities -- whether they were space aliens, members of the Mayan civilization, or the Clovis people -- were in Central California millennia before scientists tell us that "primitive Paleo-Indians" (Pre-Columbian era) arrived from Siberia (over the frozen Bering Strait) and eventually made their way to California to build hay houses with primitive tools.

These magnificent sunken cities dwarf everything we see in Egypt, Peru, and China. And instead of posting Coast Guard and Navy personnel to keep them concealed, the areas should be made a UNESCO World Heritage site, or at least a national treasure unless, of course, they were built by aliens in which case the US government would be afraid the truth would come out.

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