Wednesday, May 10, 2017

American: "I am the new Hitler"

Associated Press (; CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Self-proclaimed Nazi's name change to Hitler takes effect
It used to be such a nice German name.
HUNTERDON, New Jersey (AP) - A self-proclaimed American Nazi officially became Isidore Heath Hitler with a name change that took effect this week. ("Hunterdon Nazi dad's name change to Hitler official") reported Hitler's name officially changed from Isidore Heath Campbell on Monday, the anniversary of World War II's end in Europe after Germany's arranged surrender.
Isidore Heath Campbell, Deborah Campbell
If I want to be an overt racist, is that a crime?
"It's great. My driver's license is changed over [to Hitler], my insurance, my registration, all that I needed is changed over," he said.

"I'm the new Hitler." He said his initials, I.H.H., stand for "I Hail Hitler," and that he gave a prayer for the Nazis on the day his name officially changed.

Hitler: "I am not a racialist. But, and this is a big but..." (Monty Python*)
Isidore Heath Campbell, left, his wife, Deborah, and son Adolf Hitler, 3, in Easton, Pa. On May 8, 2017, Campbell officially became Isidore Heath Hitler. He first gained national attention when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for his son, Adolf Hitler (AP).
He has a right; more power to him!
Mr. Hitler first gained national attention when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for his son, who's named Adolf Hitler Campbell after the Nazi leader.

The new American Hitler said he now wants to regain custody of his four children, who are all named after various Nazis and white nationalist groups. [Is there a boy named Donny Trumf?]
The United States, innovators of eugenics, is a post-racist society after [s]electing Obama?
During a family court hearing for his youngest son, Mr. Hitler reportedly entered a New Jersey courthouse dressed in a Nazi uniform. Court records show Hitler was ordered to seek counseling. But he refused because he says his psychologist was Jewish.

*Hitler visits England

American racism: Nazis got eugenics from US
I want a jersey like that. I'll support eugenics.
Eugenics is the practice that aims at "improving" the genetic desirability or quality of the.... During the early 20th century, the US began to receive far higher numbers of Southern and Eastern European immigrants. What is the History of eugenics? (Wikipedia). These [eugenics] laws were upheld by the US Supreme Court in 1927 [long before the German Nazis arose] and...began to promote eugenics.

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