Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Unknown History of America (video)

NewEarth (; Dhr. Seven, Pfc. Sandoval, C. Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

American History documentary
Part 23 of the Survivors series "The Unknown History of America." It was all quite different.
Ancient world history and civilizations... This is a documentary depicting the ancient civilizations of the North and South America long before the Incas and Aztecs and much before European invasion and colonization. Most of the ancient history of the Americas has been destroyed either by colonial rulers or natural calamities. And many facts have been misrepresented by new peoples who wiped out the ancient tribes and their old religions, cultures, and sacred texts. This documentary gives insights into that old history.

Aztlan/Atlantis below sea, inside earth
The ancient tribes were very advanced with a great deal of preserved knowledge on various subjects. These were the cultures of the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, and Sumerians. There are many similarities between these cultures and those found in the Americas! There are amazing artifacts depicting ancient people wearing costumes similar to spacesuits.

There are pyramidal structures and buildings very similar to Old World civilizations in Europe much before the people now living in Europe arrived! The ancient people were very connected to Nature and had access to higher states of consciousness similar to other ancient civilizations on Earth.
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