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How to communicate with the dead (audio)

Huff Paranormal; ZEG; William Birnes, Host Dave Schrader, Coast to Coast, May 27, 2017; edited-elaborated by Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly
(Huff Paranormal) The Tesla Spirit Radio: Full D.I.Y. Spirits of the Dead Communication Test
Nikola Tesla (right) was much brighter than Einstein and Edison but gets very little credit.

Mom, I love you! - I know, honey, I'm OK!
Famous American inventor Thomas Edison was convinced that there was an unseen reality invisible to the human eye.

Yet, it is visible to the third eye (dibba cakkhu, ajna chakra, pineal gland). This conviction of another reality led to the last and least-known of his inventions, the "spirit phone."

(Zohar Entertainment Group, Feb. 28, 2017) Tracie Austin ( The forgotten  Edison "psycho phone" calls The Dead. In the 1920s, spiritualism, Ouija boards, and the slew of new technological inventions from men like Edison were capturing national attention. These converged when Edison told American Magazine that he was working on a device known as a “spirit phone” -- a phone that would let the living communicate with the dead. The result was a national craze. Most of the major newspapers and magazines in the country leapt to cover this astounding new “invention.” The magazine that broke the story received over 600 letters to the editor from people obsessed with the device.

Our pineal gland is the key (Alex Grey).
Edison’s former associate and bitter rival, the world-renown super genius Nikola Tesla, who created the Niagra Falls power plant among many innovations stolen by the American government and reserved for military-industrial complex uses, was also developing a similar device -- a means of directly communicating with the departed, who are not "dead" but alive in another place or dimension.

This device would have established that with certainty. We do not "die" in the sense of achieving oblivion and rest but carry on in samsara (the "continued wandering on" craving for pleasure or fearing pain or being confused), called the Wheel of Rebirth.

What did you see during your NDE?
"Both of them [Edison and Tesla] thought there was a consumer market for talking to the dead," said last night’s Coast to Coast guest William Birnes. He described the rivalry between the inventors, who had earlier worked together although Edison was bitterly jealous of the young Tesla’s brilliance.

He further described how Edison’s own near-death experience (NDE) formed his theory that animate life forms do not die, but rather change the nature of their composition into something else [according to their fruition of their karma, as the Buddha explained].

America in the 1920s saw a revival of spiritualism, with families trying to communicate with dead relatives who had perished in WW I.
  • Spiritualism is the belief that the spirits of the dead have the ability and the inclination to communicate with those still living here on earth. The afterlife, or "spirit world," is seen by spiritualists as one in which we continue to evolve, not as a static place or any "end" of living.
  • (Steve Huff) This communication with the dead is getting intense, more direct, more amazing. Using the wonder box and the new FREE Divination Box app, I have been getting clear replies. They tell me I have been chosen. 
Birnes says Edison believed that "when a body died, that the essence of a person still existed," which could be detected using a light meter that can be used as a communication channel.

Death (Mara) is a tricky jerk. Marley tried to warn Ebenezer Scrooge (Charles Dickens).
Tesla thought that the secret to communication with the dead lay in detecting the right radio or sound waves to listen to the words of the departed.

Although Edison thought that psychics and mediums were all frauds, he nevertheless hired them to help him with experiments relating to his inventions, which met with little success.

U.S. seances were cool in 1900s.
Tesla’s concepts -- so far as we are told by our government -- never got much further than the planning stage.

On the other hand, Birnes points out, Edison targeted ideas that he believed people would need and "helped invent the consumer marketplace of the 20th century," whereas Tesla was "more ideological" and conceptualized ideas such as devices that would receive radio waves through a narrow band, which laid the work for more recent products, such as the cell phone.
  • [This is because black budget projects with military applications have carried on full steam ahead, and as they advance some aspects are allowed to be exploited for commercial purposes, such as the Internet, cell phones, and other popular devices flooding the electronics marketplace.]
Was the Edsel named after Edison?
Birnes went into detail about Tesla’s death in 1943, after which the U.S. government seized all of his papers and refused to release his suspected notes on anti-gravity theory -- because other governments might get their hands on his amazing  and world-altering discoveries. More + AUDIO
  • NOTE: When asked, Tesla did not claim to have invented his ideas. According to him, they were beamed to him from another planet, wishing to make this planet more peaceful by providing free energy technology so governments and corporations would not fight for finite resources like oil and gas. The powers that be -- GM, the petrochemical industry, and other industries -- could not possibly allow their fortunes to be ruined even if it means ruining the planet, perpetual warfare, and the oppression of most of the population of Earth.
Edison vs Tesla: Battle Over the Spirit Phone edited by Wisdom Quarterly
Seven middle-class Chicago women discuss spiritualism in 1906. Death used to be familiar, striking every family earlier than expected. Our attachment led us to find ways to communicate (wiki).
Edison vs Tesla (J. Martin & W. J. Birnes)
Thomas Edison closely followed the alternative physics work of Albert Einstein and Max Planck, convincing him that there was an entire reality unseen by the human eye.
This led to the last and least-known of all Edison’s inventions, the spirit phone. His former associate, now bitter rival, Nikola Tesla, was also developing at the same time a similar mysterious device.
  • [So the goof who writes the nightly Coast to Coast summaries is so lazy that s/he just copies Amazon descriptions for the text?]
Edison vs Tesla examines their quest to talk to the dead. It reveals:
Edison’s little-known near-death experience formed his theory that animate life forms do not die, but rather change the nature of their composition [from dense flesh to more ethereal matter of the deva and ghost realms]. It is this foundational belief that drove him to proceed with the spirit phone.

Tesla monitored Edison’s paranormal work, with both men racing to create a device that picked up the frequencies of discarnate spirits, what today are called electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Both men were way ahead of their time, delving into artificial intelligence and robotics.

Although mystery and lore surround the details of the last decade of Edison’s life, many skeptics have denied the existence of this mysterious spirit phone.
The dead are not resting. See for yourself.
Authors Joel Martin and William J. Birnes have researched both Edison’s and Tesla’s journals, as well as contemporary articles and interviews with the inventors to confirm that tests were actually done with this device.
They also had the full cooperation of the Charles Edison Fund, affording them access to rare photos and graphics to support their text. Edison vs Tesla sheds light on this marvelous invention and demonstrates the rivalry that drove both men to new discoveries. More

WARNING: Some spirits are very not-good

You Tube TV(You Tube TV) Destination America, "Paranormal Survivor," Season 1, Episode 6, "When Spirits Talk" July 5, 2015

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