Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm a Mexican Buddhist! (Cinco de Mayo)

Crystal Quintero, Pfc. Sandoval, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
(ABC News) Dispelling some myths about our obsession with Cinco de Mayo. George Snuffaluffagous brings the amazing true story behind America’s favorite Mexican holiday.

Freedom is the best thing.
I like the Path of Freedom the Buddha teaches. Edward P. Vining (Inglorious Columbus) says Buddhism was brought by Afghan and Chinese Buddhist missionaries to the West Coast of California and Mexico in ancient times. Rick Fields (How the Swans Came to the Lake), too!

There's so much the U.S. doesn't teach us about Mexico, its pre-Hispanic history and treasures, home of the world's richest man (Carlos Slim), world's deepest canyons (Copper Canyon), and the world's biggest pyramid (Cholula)!

(MostAmazingTop10) At least she's trying to understand, and it is like St. Paddy's Day more than the 4th of July. See you at Festival de Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 30.

El Buda y el Budismo
Los Angeles and Southern California are the places to learn about Mexican and Chicana history because this is Latin America, except in 1898 the border crossed us.

Yes, I'm a Mexican Buddhist with a battered brain, searching for a future, and the world is my aim. Darby Crash (Germs) said it best on the GTA soundtrack.

 Amazonian Wonder Woman is Latina
I'm a [Mexican Buddhist] with a battered brain. I'm searching for a future; the world is my aim. Give me, give me your hand, give me give me your mind. Gimme gimme this, gimme gimme that.

I want toy tin soldiers that can push and shove. I want steamrollers that'll wreck this dud. I'll get silver guns to rip this rug, give this established joke a shove. Latin heroine Lynda Cordova Carter rocks as Wonder Woman!
(Lifehacker) We love to celebrate, but what's the real history? More

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