Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"Charles in Charge" of molesting Nicole Eggert

Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
They make the victim out to be "delusional" for reacting emotionally and predictably to the trauma.
Can you believe Chachi/Charles in Charge (Scott Baio) raped child actress Nicole Eggert?

Scott  Baio is a nice guy by the looks of it. Sure he's a Hollywood Republican who supports Trump, but he's a Christian, too. Nicole Eggert insists he molested her for years and raped her either when she was 17 or 18. In a very nicely prepared and laid out Facebook live video, Baio says he did not do it. He goes a long way to "prove" he did not have sex with the child actress until she was 18.

I didn't do it, and here's proof: I have lots of papers. Look how many!
We could believe that. That's very convincing, and he has a stack of papers to wave around. Here's the problem: He fails to provide evidence that he didn't molest her from the age of 14 to 17 before finally having sex with her at 18. His claim that there are parents and adults all around the studio so that he wouldn't have had the opportunity rings hollow.

#MeToo leader got drunk and sexually assaulted man who is now accusing her (AP)

He had plenty of opportunity to molest, fondle, grope, "finger," and otherwise abuse Eggert. Former child actress Sara Gilbert refutes his claim. And others on the set claim to have seen him acting inappropriately with the child. Is it a Republican thing? The Democrats seem nearly as bad, except when it's these sorts of cases. The Democrats are just the left wing of the one party, with Republicans as the right wing. Is it a Christian thing? We know it's a Hollywood thing, thanks to Harvey Weinstein.

TMZ says Eggert has now filed a case with police, so we'll wait and see. Like everyone, we don't want to believe he did all of these things, but we can believe the former child actor (who admits he lost his virginity to a 14-year-old Erin Moran during his "Joanie Love Chachi" run) did do all of these things. Good thing his wife, a former friend of Eggert, is standing by him. And a good thing they're making Eggert out to be "crazy" and "delusional" for what a child suffers in response to sexual abuse.

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