Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Wim Hof's Iceman Cold Yoga (video)

Wim Hof (VICE.com, layoga.com); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

The maverick yogi Wim Hof is teaching the world to breathe -- one ice bath at a time. During what feels like the height of the American popularity of "hot yoga," Iceman Wim Hof is an Ambassador of the Cold.

Before you think this is just the next trend, Hof is a modern master with a compelling story. He is a world record holder (26) for cold exposure. In addition, he may just well be the planet’s most famous breathworker. When it comes to his method, Hof is convincing. And he is willing to lead by example.

LA Yoga magazine (layoga.com)
Some of Hof’s recent notoriety came via a 39-minute VICE documentary (Inside the Super Human World of the Iceman) that first aired in 2015. It opens with a mind-numbing view of Hof swimming under the ice.

Then it goes on to feature a skeptical VICE reporter who travels to Amsterdam to study The Wim Hof Method with the man himself. The three pillars of the training system are breathing, meditation, and cold exposure. More

The Iceman's breathing technique (yogic pranayama)

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