Monday, February 12, 2018

Parallel realities: shift into alternate universes

Bentinho Massaro (streamed live on Jan. 26, 2015; Seth Auberon (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
"Consciousness [is] the eternal and infinite nature of your being" thinks Ben Massaro.
"The belief in lack is the cause of all suffering" says Bentinho Massaro (facebook).

Hi, I'm Bentinho.
In this meeting Bentinho Massaro provides an in-depth explanation of what "parallel realities" are and how this means that time is an illusion that can be influenced.

He also gets into the practical application of increasing our frequencies by learning to master our states of being and choosing our reality instead of being victims of it.

Let's empower ourselves into bliss, raise our vibrational attitudes, and start caring about our purpose, passion, and lives in general.

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