Friday, February 2, 2018

Counter-programming for Super Bowl LII

SoCal Public Radio (Arts&Ent.); Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

8 (other) things to do this weekend
The Fix Is In (Brian Tuohy)
Here's a little counter-programming for the mass consciousness manipulation we call Super Bowl weekend.

Sure, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will face off in Super Bowl LII, but that's only for four quarters. How long could a little football game last?

There's the rest of the weekend to kick up our heels at a free public dance festival, check out some of L.A.'s great murals, or hang out at a lady-led music fest. More

(The Simpsons) Why stupid Catholicism beats uptight Protestantism
BONUS: Tickets go on sale Friday, Feb. 2 for a "Saved by the Bell"-themed pop-up restaurant that comes to fashionably gay West Hollywood in May. Saved By The Max promises to recreate the diner where Zack, Screech, Lisa, Slater, and Jessie spent their after-school hours.

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