Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Catholic "Sopranos": To the Psychic (video)

The Sopranos (HBO); Editors, COMMENTARY, Wisdom Quarterly

Murder is never a good karmic thing. It catches up with us when that "action" (karma) finally finds an opportunity and comes to fruition -- like the seed of a tree. It does not return once (for "cause and effect") but rather over and over again based on that initial seed. It grows, fruits, ripens, and plants its seeds for the future to be met with again and again, as Edgar Cayce's psychic investigations and readings found. Here the mafioso character Paulie realizes the people he killed in the past, now pretas or "hungry ghosts," have been hanging around waiting for his comeuppance, his karmic consequences, mental resultants and fruits, called vipaka and phala. They also want their opportunity for revenge to express their anguish, perhaps not only of those affected but of the collateral damage of such an act. Stick to the precepts because, One who protects the Dharma is protected by the Dharma.

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