Saturday, April 20, 2019

Comedy: Sean White and more (video)

WARNING: Graphic language and Southern jabs at Semitics for Nazis US place in Alabama!

How's a comedy show 100% free? Many are!
Southern stand up from Sean White comes to residential Los Angeles at Glassell Park's Verdugo Bar at the FREE Friendship Buddies Comedy Show (free entry and NO drink minimum). Also on the roster are a handful of upcoming stand ups like Phoebe Bottoms talking about growing up Jewish and dating around all nasty like and liberal James Fritz from Kentucky -- trying to break through in the Capital of the World that is the City of Angels. Hollywood is just over the freeway next to Silverlake, so one never knows who's listening or what show runner is paying attention to a good set. More

Southern Liberal white male James Fritz. WARNING: Language!

COMING SOON: Ostensibly PC, LGBTQ, East Coast Anya Volz! WARNING: Foul!

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