Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Christian explains "Mandela Effect" (video)

Pastor X (WakeUpOrElse); Sheldon S., Crystal Q., Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Mandela Effect examples [are] NOT misrememberings
We are remembering correctly and have proof. Something has changed, and if it were only a matter of memory, we would say we were misremembering and leave it at that. But is everyone misremembering? Copies of texts have all changed, but video references (even on "Jeopardy") has remnants of the truth we all once knew.

We remember all right. And the probabilities are off the charts. Statistically, it's more likely that something exotic and unexplainable is happening than people are all misremembering together. Interview people. Ask them before showing them that things have changed -- and have retroactively changed, which means they have always been the way we do not remember.

This is the Mandela Effect: Although we nearly all remember something to have been a certain way, evidence shows it has always been another way, no matter what our personal certainty about it is.

It can be compared to condensation trails and chemical trails. Of course, there are trails. What is causing them? If it were merely condensation then there would be nothing to discuss. But lingering trails of nano-sized particle pollutants like barium, red blood cells, and aluminum are not simple hot jet through cold atmosphere condensation. But for many people, no amount of evidence will do.

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