Saturday, April 20, 2019

4/20: Hitler was high, Weed, Columbine (video)

VICE News; TODAY; History; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Happy Hitler's birthday (4/20). Apparently, that's why the Columbine school shooters went off. Is it also why potheads all over the planet like to puff away right at 4:20 in the afternoon and all day April 20th? Maybe. Hitler was high most of the time, but mostly on the terribly-addictive methamphetamine strain of drugs, given to him legally by his doctor. Of course, when you're "furher," most things you do must be legal in the eyes of a go-along-to-get-along population ("Little Eichmanns"), like our own citizenry today.
Hitler was high during most of WW II says Norman Ohler
(VICE News, HBO) There are many wrong things considered "common knowledge" about Hitler. He was vegetarian (he wasn't but Goebbels painted him that way to make him seem superhuman in the Aryan/Vedic/Buddhist mythology about chakravartin world rulers he borrowed), partial to the toothbrush mustache (like many men in Germany at the time, which made him wholly commonplace then and only stands out now), a failed fine artist (he studied art and was not good enough to make a career of it, so he entered the military and liked the authoritarianism), and a Nazi despot responsible for the reprehensible, systematic oppression of minorities and the promotion of white supremacy (like many groups today, including the US government, which took in and employed many Nazis after the war). What has only recently surfaced is the assertion that Adolf Hitler was also high off his face -- on methamphetamine and more -- for the entirety of World War II. As was most of the Third Reich. That’s according to the book Blitzed by Norman Ohler, the international bestseller that’s been translated into 26 languages. VICE News

How to jack pot prices WAY up in a few steps

(VICE News) The plan is working. This is how capitalism works (Das Kapital). First, let everyone open a shop. Then the big boys will come in and buy up all the small fish that can't turn a profit. That drives out all the small fish who are willing to wait for things to get profitable. In the meantime prices get really low. But in the end, a few monopolizers will buy up or drive out everyone else. The few corporations left standing THEN cooperate to drive up prices. It's the way gas (petroleum) markets are manipulated for maximum profiteering. "Disaster capitalism" comes in when production is artificially reduced to justify increases in prices. The "magic of the marketplace" won't save the day because it's just too profitable to cheat. Companies would rather drive up prices so that all the conglomerates make obscene amounts of money -- just as with banking, managed medicine, corporate health care, and nearly everything else under the US's form of capitalism. Other countries do not allow capitalism to operate this way. (There is more than one type of capitalism? There sure are!) But what about the tax-free black market competition? It's all part of the plan:

Black Market Pot: police away the competition

Celebrating 4/20 with London's pot fanatics

(VICE) All across the world capitalist governments are rethinking their attitudes towards the criminalization of cannabis. Yet in Britain, fusty politicians terrified by a video of Jon Snow losing his mind on super-skunk weed are refusing to free the weed, uncurb the herb, or liberate the oregano dream pipe. Vice went along to Hyde Park to join London's most ardent marijuana advocates for their annual 4/20 celebrations, which in 2017 doubled as a protest rally for those who want cannabis to be legalized. Vice caught up with Big Narstie, watched the police make an array of arrests, talked to some activist-stoners, and saw an Eric Cartman bong.
Columbine 20 years later: Survivors open up about moving on

On the 20th anniversary of the 1999 school shooting and massacre by two white teens at Columbine High School, TODAY’s Hoda Kotb sits down with the school’s principal, students who were there, and families of victims to ask if time has given them peace.
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