Monday, April 22, 2019

Free Speech, Hate Speech, or Right Speech?; Saffron Revolution in Burma VJ; Eds., Wisdom Quarterly

Free Speech, Hate Speech, Right Speech: Communication in the Age of Social Media: A Conversation with Ven. Ashin Issariya
"The Buddha also made right speech a core principle of the Noble Eightfold Path. He stressed the importance of establishing a gentle and compassionate attitude when interacting with others. However, right speech may also involve more pro-active engagement."
- Ven. Ashin Issariya

In this age of social media, where the right of free speech has seemingly spawned a proliferation in hate speech resulting harmful acts, what can the Buddhist principles of Right Speech teach us about how we can begin to work with our minds, speech, and actions?

How can we promote kind, compassionate, courageous dialogue and communication around difficult subjects and conflicts rather than give into the laziness of aggression and hatred?

Join this special evening with Burmese Theravada monk Ven. Ashin Issariya, whose own courageous speaking out against the hate speech used against Muslim Rohingya in his own country, Burma/Myanmar, is a model of bravery and right action.
BIO: Known as “King Zero” for his role as a dissident during Burma’s 2007 Saffron Revolution, Ashin Issariya founded the All Burma Monks Alliance (ABMA) and established a network of Best Friend Libraries to help broaden educational opportunities for Buddhist monks. He spent years in exile in Thailand and now heads Wimoteti Thuka Monastery near the Burma-Thailand border. He is an outspoken opponent of the public hate speech often used against the mainly Muslim Rohingya and other ethnic and religious minority communities in Burma.
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