Monday, April 15, 2019

Killer cop shoots black man to death in NC

Associated Press (via; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly
Two cops approach 27-year-old Danquirs Napoleon Franklin by Burger King, 3/29/19, Charlotte, NC. One then shot Franklin to death (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dep't/AP).
Police video shows officers repeatedly yelling for Franklin, who is black, to put a gun down. He's seen squatting by the open door of a car, facing someone in the passenger seat. "Sir, put the gun down," says the officer wearing the body camera. "Drop the gun!"

Franklin doesn't move as police approach him, the video shows. As they shout at him, Franklin can be seen raising his right hand with an object in it, still facing the person in the passenger seat. He lowers his hand right around the time when the first of two shots [meant to murder citizen Franklin] by the [killer cop] can be heard on the video.

"Shots fired [by me]!" the officer yells into her radio. About 40 seconds had passed from the time the officer exited her cruiser to when Franklin [she chose to murder Franklin by multiple gunshots at close range as her training told her was okay to do].

She then reaches under his body and can be seen picking up a handgun [which he may have had a legal right to possess and be holding, but he was black, so probably not thanks to the obstacles put in the way of some citizens based on race], saying: "I gotta pick up the gun [to get me off the hook in case they try to bring murder charges against me]."

The officers [threaten to kill the other person in the car, presumably also black while driving when they] tell the person in the passenger seat, "Let me see your hands," and the person holds them out on the dashboard.

In response to an email seeking the person's identity, official Police Spokesman Lt. Brad Koch replied, "This is still an active criminal investigation [so I'm not giving out any information until we get all our pins in a row to absolve the police department from any potential liability]."

Corine Mack, president of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP chapter, summed up her reaction to the video in four words: "Hurt, disgust, anger, frustration." But she said anyone who chooses to protest in response to the release should do so peacefully [or risk getting killed by police and having those killings also turned into further protests]. More

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