Friday, April 19, 2019

Mindfulness and meditation in British schools

True Activist (, 3/29/19); Amber Larson, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
We can meditate like adults, but we prefer "beginner's mind" (
Mindfulness and Meditation will now be part of the curriculum in 370 schools in England
Let's be mindful. - How? (
Most of the time when children act out by kicking and screaming expletives, it is because they do not understand what they are going through and cannot find a better way to release their feelings.

When a children act out, know that it is most likely because they are struggling to understand complex emotions they are feeling for the first time in their lives.

Schools in England have started to tackle this problem in a new way. That way is by teaching mindfulness and meditation in the classroom to improve their youth’s overall mental health.
This is something we do individually but we do together at the same time (
In 370 schools across the country, children will be taught how to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation, and breathing exercises for mindfulness.

Secondary school students will also get a more hands-on education to learn about awareness and how to increase it in their everyday lives.

The program is being implemented under a mental health study the British government is running until 2021.

Apart from the increasing number of young children who are showing signs of early onset depression and anxiety, NHS reports have also shown that 1 in 8 British children have mental disorders.

Despite these facts, only 1 out of 5 children with mental issues are able to get access to treatment. England isn’t the only country that has added mindfulness as a subject among schools.

In 2016, a school in Baltimore decided to replace detention for an area where the children could go to an practice some breathing and stretching exercises instead.

This is a way to keep the students calmer in order to increase their focus within the classroom. More

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