Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christians face attacks in India

A boy stands amidst the burnt and damaged remains of a church in Adsipanga, about 144 miles west of Bhubaneshwar, India, 10/14/08 (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan).

Christians face attacks in eastern India
Tim Sullivan (AP, 10/25/08)

TIKKABALLI, India – They still worship in what remains of the little Baptist church not far from this forest town. The church is empty except for the rubble swept neatly into the corners. The sun comes through ragged holes where the mob smashed in the window frames.

On the roof, the crucifix is just twisted metal and broken concrete. It's barely recognizable, and you have to ask to make sure that's what it once was.

Here, prayers are said only in secret.

"We do it without making any noise," said Subhash Digal, holding his four-month-old son on his hip as he stood outside the church, where the smell of burned timber lingered on a warm autumn afternoon. "We don't want these people to know we are inside." More>>

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