Friday, October 24, 2008

India's Holiest City

Buddhist monk meditating on the bank of the Ganges River, Varanasi

India's Holiest City (CLICK FOR STORY)

At Varanasi, Hindu pilgrims come to pray—and to die—along the sacred Ganges River.

Hindu devotees bathing in the sacred river using ghats (bathing steps) for an icy plunge

[Buddhism began -- that is, the Wheel of the Dharma was set a rolling -- in a suburb of Varanasi, the Deer Park of Sarnath. Long before Shakyamuni's dispensation, he speaks of the fame of Varanasi (sometimes called Benares or Kashi) and the buddhas and kings who came before. It is frequently featured in the sutras as a significant place of spirituality and commerce along the great Ganges river.]
Ferries awaiting those who wish to cross to the other side of the wide Ganges

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