Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chakras: Meditations to Awaken Kundalini

WQ with Nico Petromac

Chakra Dhyana: concentration on the energy centers of the subtle body (2:32)

The chakras (literally, "wheels") are the nexus points of nerve fibers in the body. There importance is astral, as part of the subtle or spiritual body not normally seen by the eyes. They are visible to the Divine Eye (Dibba Cakkhu). They are each associated with a particular vibration -- manifesting as a color (light vibration) and a "seed sound" (bija mantra, or sound vibration). Click on each wheel to hear the latter vibrations. In descending order the seven cerebrospinal points and their corresponding features are:

  • Sahasrara (crown)
  • Ajna (brow)
  • Vishuddha (throat)
  • Anahata (heart)
  • Manipura (navel)
  • Svadhisthana (genital)
  • Muladhara (perineal)

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