Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot Zone Documentary: Online

The Hot Zone Team

"A World of Conflict," the documentary, is being shown here in its entirety.

In this final chapter of "A World of Conflict," Kevin Sites returns to the U.S. only to confirm what he suspected -- that in the year that he was gone little had changed. Most Americans are still not engaged in learning about the rest of the world. But Sites realizes that for some, the Hot Zone project did succeed in putting a human face on global conflict and perhaps helped them to begin their own journey to greater understanding.

Add Image"A World of Conflict" is the documentary about the "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone" project, in which veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites reported from every major global conflict in one year, in an effort to understand the costs of a world perpetually at war.

One chapter of the documentary is being highlighted each week in chronological order, allowing everyone to see the film in its entirety — exclusively online.

The documentary contains searing, never-before-seen images of combat and its lingering impact on civil society, beginning with the anarchy of Somalia in September 2005 and culminating with the explosive war between Israel and Hezbollah in summer 2006.

The documentary is included with Sites' new book, In the Hot Zone: One Man. One Year. Twenty Wars. (The Harper Perennial paperback original is available now at and at book stores). More>>

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