Saturday, April 25, 2009

John Muir's Plant People (devas)

"New book explores John Muir's passion for botany"
Molly Peterson (Offramp, 4/22/09)

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Naturalist John Muir maintained a legendary devotion to Cali-fornia's Sierra Nevada, particu-larly Yosemite National Park. A new book explores the lesser-known passion that rooted his love for nature: plants. Molly Peterson says Muir cultivated his botanical studies through a Southland connection.

John Muir believed that the beauty residing in nature, particularly plants, makes people better contributors to the world.

Molly Peterson: John Muir preferred learning in the wild to studying in classrooms. But after he quit college in Wisconsin, he kept up with his former teacher Ezra Carr and Ezra's wife Jeanne. Environmental historian Bonnie Gisel says the Carrs moved in the late 1800s to Pasadena. More>>

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