Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pro-Test versus Protesters (UCLA)

A rally was held today to protest the mistreatment and vivisection (experimenting on live subjects) at UCLA. A counter-protest (by an animal-cruelty in the name of science ad hoc organization) to fight anti-vivisection "extremism" targeted students.

A group calling itself "Pro-Test" (advocating animal testing even if it tortures animals or even if it produces results that can not be extrapolated to humans) went to the corner of Westwood Blvd. and Le Conte Ave. A rally in support of animals was taking place. Pro-Test was there to antagonize activists, perhaps even stir up enough emotion to give police a pretext to shut down all protesting.

On the one hand, Pro-Test wants to affirm the role of biomedical research on animals. Anti-vivisectionists, on the other hand, argue the bad science done in the name of corporate profits, to justify more poisonous treatments (rather than cures) serves neither the animals nor the humans it's done in the name of. The slanted school paper (Daily Bruin) covered the event.

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