Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flu, Flu, Government Flu (cure)

WQ announces cure for "swine flu"! The cure is threefold: Colloidal silver wipes out the virus. Good nutrition keeps the body strong. And a loving mind/heart (since "fear" is a form of dosa, hate/aversion in Buddhist psychological terms) helps keep your wits about you.

WARNING: Profanity. "Government Flu" (performed by the Dead Kennedys)
The Pharmaceutical Industry used a 1976 "swine flu" scare to cause a health catastrophe. Harmful vaccinations were pressed on everyone for an epidemic scare that never materialized. What did materialize, however, was disease brought on by the vaccine. Flu shots harm. Vaccinations in children have led to an exponential increase in autism. Vaccines do not work for future flus -- ask your doctor. Even she'll admit it. You're taxing your immune system to no advantage. With a six-month lag time, anyone being inoculated is being given a vaccine for a disease that is no longer a risk (due to viral mutations).

All American Girl says: The swine flu was created in a test tube by the government/NWO as part of a master plan. It's a means of world control and one way to usher in Martial Law.

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