Friday, May 22, 2009

Loneliness: A Dharma Talk (Ajahn Brahm)

About five years ago Matt stumbled upon Ajahn Brahm's accessible talks, full of humor and anecdotes: The way this British monk speaks, teaches Dharma, and gives practical applications of Buddhism brought me to this profound "religion," a religion I had earlier thought of as foreign and superstitious.

I soon learned the complete opposite was true. To this day these very teachings help me through every aspect of my life. I want to share this with everyone in hopes that someone might get something from it as well.

This teaching by Ven. Brahmavamso deals with the subject of "loneliness." There are many, many other topics he has speaks about ( as well as the talks of other insightful teachers. This is a long video, so I play it in the background while cleaning, exercising, playing video games, etc.

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