Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peace: Chanting "Om Shanti"

One India
Peace is what we strive for in life, whatever the ultimate objective we hope to attain. A conscious approach to it makes our striving spiritual.

Unswerving peace is the summit of all spiritual endeavours. As in all religions, Hinduism promotes practices in pursuit of peace, the ultimate end.

The word shanti means "peace." In the Vedantic view of Hinduism, the peace that one restlessly hankers after is inherent. Peace is the natural state. The very being itself is pure peace -- which stands against the normal idea that peace is a product to be attained.

One strives to attain peace failing to recognize one's own oneness with peace. Hence for realizing the peace already present within, chanting is sometimes suggested. Om shanti repeated three times at the end of mantras dispels troubles that cloud peace... More>>

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