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The Connected Discourses of the Buddha

Samyutta Nikaya translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi (
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha, now available in a single volume, is a complete translation of the Samyutta Nikaya. It contains all of the important sutras on such major topics as:
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Dependent Origination
  • Seven Factors of Enlightenment
  • Noble Eightfold Path...
It ranks as one of the most inspiring compilations in the Buddhist canon. Bhikkhu Bodhi's distinguished and precise English translation, his insightful introductory materials, and his extensive notes guide the reader through this vast collection of the Buddha's original teachings.
This is the third title in Wisdom Publications' award-winning Teachings of the Buddha Series, following The Long Discourses of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya) and The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha (Majjhima Nikaya).
Like its two predecessors The Connected Discourses is sure to merit a place of honor in the library of every English student of Buddhism.
Wisdom Publications has Bhikkhu Bodhi's new translation of The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha (Anguttara Nikaya). So view all of the available Teachings of the Buddha Series volumes.
Praise and Reviews
“To hold a copy of The Connected Discourses of the Buddha is like holding treasure in your hands. Bhikkkhu Bodhi has, once again, given English readers all over the world another reason to rejoice by making the ancient words of the Buddha come alive in our contemporary lives. Timely and significant, highly readable, and invaluable.” —Eastern Horizon
The Buddha with devas (Htetg/
"This new translation of The Connected Discourses of the Buddha has been well worth the wait. With painstaking care, the eminent [American] Buddhist scholar-monk, Bhikkhu Bodhi, has translated the 2,889 discourses of the Buddha. No one is better qualified. Collected into their different themes, The Connected Discourses point the way to enlightenment. This book serves as one of the finest resources available for insight into the human condition. The Buddha addresses issues such as body/mind, daily life realities, suffering and joy, awareness and meditation. This book is rich in spiritual teachings, suitable for daily reflection, study, a manual for psychologists, a teaching guide at universities, and offering a wealth of benefits to anyone interested in the true heart of the Buddha's teachings. I regard it as an indispensable guide to an awakened life. With 2,080 pages it is an extraordinary publishing initiative. This book is worth every penny. Buy it. It is money well spent." —Christopher Titmuss, author of Light on Enlightenment and An Awakened Life 
"[Bhikkhu Bodhi's] brilliant, scholarly, and eminently readable version of The Middle Length Discourses set a benchmark for translations of the Buddha's words into English. This new work will make accessible even more of the original teachings, offering guidance, instruction, and inspiration on the path of awakening. It is a priceless gift." —Joseph Goldstein, author of Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom 
"It is extremely good news to have Bhikkhu Bodhi -- a brilliant translator -- bring out a new edition of the Samyutta Nikaya, one of the richest and most important of all Buddhist texts." —Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart 
Bhikkhu Bodhi
Bhikkhu Bodhi is an American Buddhist monk from New York City. As a student of Balangoda Ananda Maitreya, Ven. Nyanaponika, Ven. Nyanatiloka, and other eminent scholars, he is -- in the estimation of Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal -- the greatest living scholar-monk alongside the Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, whose growing extremely learned and practical body of translations are, sadly, much less accessible to English readers. After completing his university studies in California he traveled to Sri Lanka, where he received became a Buddhist monk in 1973. He returned to the USA in 2002 and currently resides at Chuang Yen Monastery ( in upstate New York and Bodhi Monastery in New Jersey. He is in demand worldwide as a speaker, scholar, and Buddhist teacher. Renowned for his systematic and elegant translations of Buddhist scriptures, Ven. Bodhi has many important publications to his credit, including A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma, The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, The Connected Discourses of the Buddha, and an excellent and very accessible anthology In the Buddha’s Words.

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