Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love: Somebody That I Used to Know (video)

Ashley Wells,CC Liu, Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly

The travel season hasn't even started. And my summer is already ruined. Ruined by a song -- and a residual heartache.  I just had to let it linger.

It's the little things in life that s*ck. You can sit on a mountain, that's no pain, but you can't sit on the head of a pin.

Dukkha (disappointment) is just that way. The Buddha and the arhats (enlightened disciples) were on to something. I'm not sure modern "bodhisattvas" understand. But the ones of olde are all I have. I cry to Kwan Yin in a pillow.

I  whisper into my walkie talkie, my iPod with its phone feature. It's funny, telephony: We're being spied on, so I want the CIA/Facebook and its puppet CEO Zuckerberg with his imaginary 100 billion to know: You didn't need to cut me off!

I should probably switch to a Droid because at least the FBI/Google are a lot more user friendly. Kimbra, tell Gotye to get over it. "Addicted to a certain kind of sadness" is no way to be. 

You know you're in bad shape when you're working on what your tombstone is going to say. "Once upon a time there was a girl. The end." That will be my epitaph. I'll stencil it on a tee-shirt for the Warped Tour as I drift around like a ghost looking for bands doing covers of Fun's "We Are Young."

A Heap of Bones
This Was Said [By the Buddha] (Iti 1.24), Wisdom Quarterly translation by Seven
This was said by the Buddha, the arhat: "The heap of skeletons of one person, wandering and running through samsara [the round of rebirth and death] for an aeon, would form a pile of bones as high as this Mt. Vepulla, if they were to be gathered and preserved."

The bones of one person
Piling up in just one aeon
Would form a heap as high as a mountain
This was said by the Great Sage
Who declared it as great as Mt. Vepulla
North of Vulture's Peak
In Magadha's royal city [ringed by seven hills].

Vultures' Peak looking down on the valley of Rajgir with Vepulla to the north
But when one sees with purified wisdom 
The Four Ennobling Truths just as they are:
Disappointment, the cause of disappointment,
The overcoming of disappointment,
And the ennobling Eightfold Path --
Resulting in release from all suffering
Having merely run on
Seven times at the most --
By destroying all fetters
One makes an end of disappointment.

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