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The REAL "Men in Black" (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Nick Redfern interview with George Noory on
NOTE: This post is a facsimile. It has been reconstructed after the original was mysteriously erased as it was being updated to include Redfern's appearance on C2C today (May 26, 2012). If any reader has a copy of the original, please send it in via the comments section.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones continue the popular series with MIB 3. This movie is obvious comedic fiction, but it is based on fact. If Hollywood makes movies and claims that they are nonfiction, simply shouting "Conspiracy theory!" is enough for people to dismiss them out of hand. But if they are made as fiction, whether comedic or dramatic, we allow ourselves to "suspend disbelief" and thereby see the big picture with the details changed. Film writers have to derive their inspiration from somewhere. Why not from defectors, whistle blowers, and truth tellers involved in the military-industrial complex (MIB)? Unfortunately, doing so opens us up to the very real possibility of being fed disinformation and PsyOps. But this only means we must keep our minds open rather than our eyes and ears closed.
() Nick Redfern June 2011 on C2C

The MIC is not the main source of MIB
The mistake promoted by the series is the view that MIB are simply government agents working for a secret agency. The MIC impersonates MIB to intimidate witnesses. Those attempting to expose UFO phenomena, the paranormal, free energy physics, forbidden archeology, ancient technology, cryptid bipedal apes (Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot), or medical discoveries that threaten pharmaceutical industry profits.  For instance, anyone who discloses being in possession of physical evidence is likely to be visited. Under duress they are made to recant or participate in being discredited. Material evidence is often confiscated ("borrowed for analysis") never to be returned. Where did they go? "I gave them to government agents who promised they'd give them back." In this way claimants are undermined. They are without evidence to confirm their claims. But that is a fraction of what is going on. The REAL MIB are thought to be extraterrestrials, time travelers, and/or "adjusters" (as depicted in the "The Adjustment Bureau" and the recent A Princess of Mars remake "John Carter") with very creepy, otherworldly, or unmistakably superhuman powers.

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