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Finding Osama bin Laden under the sea (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval edited by Seven and Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
The compound, where "Osama" (i.e., Akbar Hahn) lived until his Obama-war crime extrajudicial execution in 2011, was demolished because who needs pesky investigators and journalists poking around for facts? (AFP/AP/TA

Of course, the real Osama bin Laden died of natural causes in 2001. But the useful CIA-creation, as described in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four -- was dumped into the sea.

That man, Akbar Hahn, was an innocent Pakistani, as reported by the BBC but ignored by the US press. Hahn looked like a young (not age-progressed) Osama, a likeness heightened by the edited video released by the US as proof that he liked to watch himself on TV.

But the official story we are asked to swallow is that Nobel Peace Laureate Barry Soetoro Obama ordered his kidnapping, extrajudicial execution, and conveniently packaged evidence of his identity packed onto handy computer memory sticks. Then, to add insult to war crimes, we are asked to believe that his body was too dangerous to hold on to.

So we dumped the body of the most wanted man in the world into the sea in an unmarked watery grave out of our respect for Islam. But later we find out PsyOps is not even getting the story straight as they feed it to the mainstream media, since it does not accord with Islamic custom.

Therefore, no proof ever had to be provided that this murder victim was even a Bin Laden relative, a large family who are great friends and business partners of the Bush Dynasty. But we are asked to believe that just to be 100% sure -- "shoot first, ask questions later" -- the ship's scientists ferrying Osama back to the US took a DNA sample to confirm it was really him. 

Transcending the nonsense, one man now claims to have located the corpse weighed down in a body bag sunk in the sea.

() WARNING: Graphic images of assassinated Akbar Hahn, who resembles the real Osama bin Laden less and less the closer one looks. Source:
"Osama bin Laden" corpse found located off India's coast
American treasure hunter Bill Warren has claimed to have located Osama bin Laden's body bag deep under the Arabian Sea, 320 kms west of Surat in Gujarat. And he hopes to start his mission to recover it on June 1st.

"I've located where they threw him away," the Daily Mail quoted him as telling Spanish newspaper El Mundo. "I'm the only one with this information."

With the help of recent photos released by the US Navy showing Bin Laden's final resting place, Warren claims to have pinpointed the location of the body bag. He now wants $200,000 to recover it from the sea [if he is not assassinated or discredited by a clandestine spying agency first].

"We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Barack Obama failed to provide the proof," he said. The search would probably "last a week" to three months, he said, adding that he wanted to start the mission on June 1.

"Bin Laden" [who, according to the BBC, was actually an innocent Pakistani man named Akbar Hahn with doctored evidence planted on him], 54, was shot dead in his pajamas.
This took place during a US Navy SEAL raid on his [home] in Pakistan's garrison city of Abbottabad on May 2, 2011 [as Nobel Peace Laureate B.S. Obama cannot stop bragging about to boost his war credentials among conservatives and Bush-Cheney-era holdouts in the military-industrial complex].

[Akbar Hahn] was given a "sea burial" [allegedly] to prevent his legions of followers building a mausoleum on his grave [and not to cover the fact that this was not Osama bin Laden, as our mainstream media reassures us].

From his experience of "locating more than 200 shipwrecks around the world during his long career," he has no doubt that the cadaver hasn't moved from where it was dropped because it's in a weighted bag, the Daily said.

The treasure hunter, who claims he doesn't believe the official story that the terrorist mastermind [aka Osama bin Laden/Emmanuel Goldstein] was buried at sea, started hunting for the body last June.

Warren said he was working his contacts in Azerbaijan, where he was trying to locate some old ships to rent Russian deep diving equipment for his bin Laden recovery mission.

Warren is aware of the perils of his mission because the US government [will likely] kill him or sink his boat, the report claims. But he said he wouldn't raise bin Laden's body to the surface. Instead, he would take a few photographs, videotape the entire "experience," and take a chunk of flesh for DNA tests.

[Of course, if this is true, it provides clandestine agencies a rare opportunity to plant the real Osama or a relative's flesh or simply deny and discredit anything Warren turns up. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to out maneuver the military-industrial complex. And even in the face of undeniable proof, nothing changes. A case in point: doctoring WMD "evidence" as a pretext for pre-planned war, just the way the military-industrial complex always does it.]

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