Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's okay when WE kill their children (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly, mirrored from LedaOhio5 and Helias314
WARNING: Graphic footage!
Obama: more of the same (BIT)
This is how we are spreading our influence in the name of spreading peace, progress, and democracy. Is this what the MIC, Obama, and NATO have in store for the world?

At one point the Arab news person is heard saying, "Those who kill their own people have lost all credibility" a reference to those involved in 9/11, which is known throughout the Arab world to have been an inside job.

When you make war, you have to kill some kids
How can anyone stand by while drones and jets bomb innocents killing 50 collaterals to every intended target? If all we can do is stand by then we cannot hypocritically cry so loudly when one of our own kills our own children!
Shell of a naga monster deteriorating fast
Bush-era policies, continued and expanded by Obama, have led to the murder of over 1 million Iraqi children and civilians. It was a US war crime to target their water purification facilities. These victims of our military-industrial complex (MIC) aggression are no threat to us. But we are to them. We are to them.
How inhuman we must seem the longer we dehumanize them. They live, feel, die, love, work, take care of their children just as we do. Yet our government, for and by the people, has been taken over by war mongers and passive profiteers.

How many of us protested when Bush invaded in spite of the will of the American public? How many more of us did nothing, or even attached patriotic flags to our cars and homes in support of military aggression?

Now a newer better storyteller sits in the White House making excuses for the powers that be, a man who took his Nobel Peace Prize and started eight new wars with it. And what are we doing? Mourning a minor incident of military-grade killing, what our soldiers do on an average morning abroad, calling it the worst catastrophe ever.

Senator Daniel Inouye (Hawaii) outs the secret Shadow Government

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