Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mayan Calendar: Official Countdown (clock)

Xochitl, Amber Dorrian, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; Mayan elder Ac Tah, Tony Camacho (The Gateway) with translator Angelica Sepulveda (Whole Person) COUNTDOWN CLOCK: -16
The real Mayan Calendar, as distinct from the Aztec version it is so often confused with, is much more sophisticated than the 12-page paper book we use. Translation above.


Native shaman (SuperG82/flickr)
Shift happens. It's about to hit the fan. The ancient Maya were told something as were the various American empires that came before. They created monolithic stone art in the jungle exactly like the Buddhist worlds of Angkor, Cambodia and Borobudur, Indonesia.

How are they connected? Beings from space, akasa devas, gave them technology, ruled them, and influenced their art. The faces and figures they were carving in stone were not their own.

Bhutanese Himalayan stupa
The pyramids they erected echo pyramids all over the planet and nearby planets. In Buddhist lands these were great curvilinear (circle square, globe box) reliquaries (stupas, chortens, or pagodas) set on geometrically precise mandalas. Peaked, jeweled, gleaming white (like the original alabaster coating of the Pyramid of Giza), rounded at the base, and housing great transmuted relic treasures, they serve similar trans-dimensional functions. These remain a mystery only hinted at from time to time (and traveling in time like Buddhist bells as Die Glockes).

Ac Tah: Messenger for the Ancient Maya
"The Mayan culture has always had contact with these beings from other dimensions, from other consciousness[es], and currently our archeological sites are preparing for a connection with them [o]n another frequency."

WP: Can you share a bit on the history of the lineage of the Maya...?
AT: Yes. [They were] kings, and the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation through the lineage. Of course when we speak of kings, we see it not from a position power but from a position  of [service], to help transform all of consciousness and evolve, in all areas of life.
Buddhist stupa, Nepal (Modh Shukur Jahar)
WP: At your workshop give at The Gateway, you spoke of the 20 frequencies that are active all the time. How did you learn of these frequencies?
AT: That was give to me by my grandparents who would talk about the perception of the sun, and above all us Mayans we talk a lot about the movement of the sun, of energy, we speak of the pyramids so those frequencies are based on our calendar, and my grandfather taught me how to interpret the calendar and read those frequencies....  More 

Buddhist Indonesia's massive Borobudur Java Buddhist temple compound? No, it's Mexico.
Mexico's Pyramid of the Moon? No, this is not Teotihuacan, which means "Where humans met the devas." It is the base of the Buddhist temple complex in Borobudur, Java, Indonesia, shot while circumambulating (parikrama) out of respect and to heal.

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