Thursday, December 27, 2012

ZEN: Completion of study (koan)

Roshi Jeff Albrizze, (free, public Koan Study Group resumes Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, 7:00 pm; The Book of Equanimity, CASE 46: TOKUSAN’S COMPLETION OF STUDY
American Zen groups everywhere. Heart of Zen Group, Loyola University, Maryland
Deva looks on (00_prototype/
The pure ground without an inch of grass for 10,000 miles still deludes people.
The clear sky without even a speck of cloud deceives us.
Though wedges are driven in and pulled out, this does not impede holding up and supporting space.
A hammer blow on the back of the head.
Let's look at a skillful expedient.

Great Master Tokusan addressed the assembly saying, “Exhaust the end and there's instant attainment.
The mouths of all buddhas of the three times [past, present, future] might as well hang upon the wall.
Now, there's a person who roars with laughter. Ha! Ha!
When you know this one, the essence of your exhaustive study is completed.”

Gathering. Seizing the throat collar.
Winds burnish. Clouds sweep.
Chilling water, heaven turns to autumn.
Don't say a fish scale lacks taste.
Catching all the ocean's fish with a crescent moon.

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