Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Consciousness and other Dimensions (audio)

Coast to Coast host (i.e., Manchurian candidate) George Noory talks with Dr. Vernon Neppe, M.D., Dr. Edward R. Close, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley about consciousness and extra dimensions.
Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Vernon Neppe and physicist Dr. Edward Close discuss their work integrating science and consciousness studies. Their most recent breakthrough posits that we live in a nine-dimensional spinning reality.

In the first hour author and paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley talks about "angels" (gandharvas), whom she considers intermediaries between humans and gods (devas), Earth and the many heavens. More
Coast to Coast was originally created and hosted by Art Bell. Now the program is hosted most nights by kind dimwit, government plant, or unwitting dupe George Noory. To see the large scar along his hair line, one could believe he is the vain victim of a harsh facelift or, to hear him bumbling many nights, the victim of partial cortical excision. According to estimates by Talkers Magazine, Coast to Coast draws approximately 3,000,000 listeners a night, making it the most listened to program in its time slot. However, its popularity has declined significantly since Bell "retired" (or was forced out) from full-time hosting duties in about 2005. Nevertheless, Noory recently stated that he wished Bell luck after announcing that he is coming out of retirement to host a radio talk show. All Noory could be certain of was that it was not going to be this one. This suggests that someone made Noory a lucrative deal he has no intention of allowing them to alter even for the good of the show.

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