Friday, August 9, 2013

US drops atomic bombs on Japan

Making fun out of American mass murder: children's do-it-yourself atomic bomb toy
In this handout photo by the U.S. Army, a mushroom cloud is seen from ground level on August 9, 1945, when the USA bombed Nagasaki in a crime against humanity.
The world will obey...or else.
Today is the joyous and triumphant 68th anniversary of our war heroes' greatest accomplishment -- killing 140,000 Buddhist non-combatants in Hiroshima as proof of principle.

For what? For our secretive nuclear munitions program, which produced new kinds of "weapons of mass destruction" thereby teaching the world to live in fear. USA! USA! USA! Hooray! Come on, everybody: USA! USA! USA! lol
Kannon (Kwan Yin)
On Aug. 6, 1945, the United States dropped one of its atomic bombs on the civilian Japanese city of Hiroshima. 
Not satisfied with its first orgy of disaster, three days later another homemade atomic bomb, playfully nicknamed "Fat Man," was deliberately detonated over the Buddhist civilians living in Nagasaki, killing more than 73,000 additional innocent humans, to say nothing of the countless other creatures there.

Mutation means 1,000 times more mercy
These photos are offered as a sobering reminder of the devastation and destruction our American government initiated just 68 years ago. Has it become peaceful since then to atone for its war crimes (e.g., targeting civilian populations) or only solidified its war stand, provoking and proactively pursuing war-for-profit using any pretext that comes to hand around the globe?

To kill Japanese, US tested on Americans
Yes, this is the 68th celebratory anniversary of the tragic day the USA chose to use atomic bombs on humans -- on innocent Japanese civilians -- to terrorize the world and become the undisputed superpower. Hooray.
Nun in Nagasaki stares at Fat Man
Failing to learn from history, the US military-industrial complex threatened to use another secret weapon [HAARP?] to bring about a massive earthquake with further nuclear destruction for Japan.
This seems to have been carried out in the Fukushima nuclear disaster, tsunami, and the quake that initiated it. Tons of contaminated water are now leaking into the Pacific Ocean daily. USA! USA... Story

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