Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rains Retreat: Sunday Dharma Sermons

Dharmachari, Wisdom Quarterly; Ven. Chandananda,
Line of ancient robed Buddhas in the sunshine, Thailand (Trianons Oficial/
Sacred Pali text, Burma (
"O, meditators, take the medcine of the Dharma since there is no other medicine which can [once and for all] cure your disease of suffering!"

"Rare is birth as a human being. Rare is hearing the sublime Dharma."

The annual Rains Retreat is observed in Asia as well as Los Angeles by members of the Greater Monastic Community (Maha Sangha). According to Sri Lankan Theravada ("School of the Enlightened-Elders," namely the historical Buddha's immediate disciples) tradition, "hearers" formally invite Buddhist monks and nuns to observe the Rains Retreat in a particular temple complex (vihara) during the months of July, August, September, and October. This period of intensive teaching and practice culminates in the Katina robe-offering ceremony.

Special Dharma activities are performed -- including this series of Sunday lectures on a variety of sutras (discourses) and feasting on exotic island dishes (free). Events are open to all and may even be sponsored as a means of transferring merit to departed relatives. Wear white in temple-appropriate style, and consider bringing flowers or candles to offer if one wishes. Sundays, 5:00 pm, through October 27, 2013:

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