Thursday, August 15, 2013

Egypt: Alternative Story of Humankind (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly, "The Pyramid Code"
(GIA) Grand pyramids, tombs, and Sphinx are much older than historians can account for.

This documentary on ancient Egypt explores an alternative history of humankind's origins. While modern Egypt -- a land along the Nile in northern Africa, is rocked by CIA-instigated turmoil, violence, political coups to counter self-rule by the "Muslim Brotherhood," history is neglected. The attempted installation of Mohammed al Baradei (a would-be puppet susceptible to Western influence) is evident. A known military coup is ignored by the US government because it would mean the loss of tens of millions it pays itself by moving money from public coffers into the hands of private contractors in the revolving door relationship that forms the military-industrial complex. Ignoring the internal human rights abuses by the military against civilian protesters keeps the rich in place. It protects the profitable status quo of generals, secret operatives, corrupt politicians, and the modern Egyptian "powers that be."  The deadly crackdown in Egypt is motivated by greed on the part of movers and shakers fearful of Morsi's pro-population reforms. While some opposed him as a political leader, he was elected by a majority, and many in Egypt wanted him in office. 
Human history in Africa is suppressed.
Countering the bloody and intolerable headlines, this exploration takes us to the heart of what makes Egypt such a fascinating piece of the human puzzle. Going back in time to the Nile Valley's archeological past, we find evidence of visitors from space, advanced civilizations existing on Earth, and astounding technological knowledge that exceeded what we have now.

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