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Visiting Buddha Boy, June 2013 (video)

"Buddha Boy" is honored as he travels from Patharkot to Chitawan (
The birth of Siddhartha in Central Asia
CHITWAN, Nepal - Claude, who is from Canada, assisted in the massive devotional ceremony (puja) for "Buddha Boy," born Ram Bahadur Bomjon, known now Ven. Dharmasangha. The general feeling was of being linked together through an overall energy that transpired over five celebratory days.

Many different energies from those coming to receive a blessing from the guru could felt: Some were trying to get ahead of others, whereas some were showing lots of devotion. Others were curious. But many, perhaps the majority, came wishing for their benefit and that of their families without being ready to accept and follow the Dharma the guru teaches. 

This mix of energies the presence of the guru was able to pacify. He transformed the "chaos" which a crowd of 5,000-10,000 per day is bound to produce. So much peace was emanating from the guru that it pervaded the area.

(VN2011Team) "Chitwan," a documentary look at eco and spiritual tourism in Nepal
The Sangha and the volunteers were a sight to behold! So willing and ready to help in any and every way needed. Their very deep respect, devotion, and enthusiasm was evident. Maitri mangalam! (Noble friendship is a true blessing!)

It was exemplary brotherhood and sisterhood as befits the best society before decadence sets in. Now as for the guru -- it was my first opportunity to see him with my own eyes.

Baby Siddhartha (UrbanPixel/
The first and strongest impression that struck me was his utter equanimity (upekkha, non-bias): No matter who shows up, he sees everyone as the same. His expression remains the same.  He displays no attraction for the beautiful, no revulsion for the unsightly, no disdain for the lame and/or sick. He never shows any annoyance under any circumstances, and circumstances do arise! 
He shows only pure compassion for everyone regardless of their appearance and condition. This pure equanimity impresses in a profound way as nothing that can be faked. It seems to derive from the most genuine compassion (karuna).
This is even more impressive than the fact that he can sit cross-legged and bless 20 persons a minute for eight hours straight without any pause or even a sip of water. 

A great deal of organizing was required to make this event possible, but the great compassion of the guru certainly reaches the hearts of volunteers and donors in a way that brings out the best in them, motivating them.
May the true Dharma (path of practice) spread throughout the world! May all sentient beings find their way to liberation from all suffering!

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