Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"The Superior Human?" (film)

Are you going to kill us?
Do animals have feelings? Do they have an vital place in the world, or any essential right to protection? It's "speciesism," a term formed from racism/sexism with regard to nonhuman species. In "The Superior Human?" the welfare of animals, and by extension of humans and the planet, is explored. Surely all life evolves and/or is co-created for a reason and stands to serve a function higher than human waste and abuse. Let's be protective stewards for all creatures and plant forms. In that way, we would save ourselves and others.

“The Superior Human? is a superior documentary exposing the arrogance of humankind and the destructive results of its insistence on domination. If Man can’t conquer nature, he destroys it. A wake-up call for saving our planet and ourselves.”
- Clarke Poole, former Assistant Mayor of Eagle River, Michigan

“I am flabbergasted and appalled that animals feeling pain was proved as late as 1989. We have so far to go before this is a ‘modern’ world, know what I mean?”
- Top voted comment from user: EllenRebecca3

“It is unbelievable some humans actually need scientific proof of animals feelings and intelligence. For me it is obvious it is there. However, some times it would be nice to have proof of the existence of intelligence and emotions in some humans.”
- Top voted comment from user: maurcd

Just five more minutes! (TAV)
“We all evolve to become optimal for our environmental needs. Humans are bad by human standards, ask your dog for his take. How about indoctrina[tion] methods of subjugation? A complete disregard for the other? Too much time on our hands? The purpose of the documentary was not to say humans are not important or of greater importance but to allow for the equality among all species on Earth. There is no hierarchy of species, but an interdependence between all sentient beings, plant, and other life forms.” More 
- Top voted comment from user: MikeJRe2ipi
Superior human diversity is stranger than fiction.
The "girl with two heads" are two girls with one body.

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