Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The First Thanksgiving (cartoon and dinner)

Ashley Wells and Editorial Team (confessions) Wisdom Quarterly; dinner organizers Dave, Adam, Allyson, Justin, Kristina, Lisa, Prabhat, Tony (L.A.V.G.) HAPPY THANKSGIVUKKAH!
(JM) Instructions on how to prepare a proper cruelty-free Thanksgiving meal are given below.
Hungry Alicia Silverstone was raised to love ALL kinds of living beings like these:
Kind food tastes good (WQ)
A few years after coming onto the human plane, my mother said to me, "You know you were an accident?" "Thanks," I shot back. That was the first time I gave thanks. Been saying it ever since. How about you, Ash?

I was born just outside of wedlock to parents too caught up fighting about waspy matters to take much notice of me. I, apparently, led to their marriage and therefore their unhappiness, which didn't keep me from being a bastard. (Is that the feminine form of the word, or is it the other B-word?) We were Christian back then, obviously, through no fault of my own. Other than choosing it, pre-birth, all part of my divine plan to graduate to a more sublime teaching.
(Simpsons) Lisa became a Buddhist on Xmas.  Bart ruins Thanksgiving.

Thank you. That's nothing. My dad used to yell, "You kids are going to drive me to the insane asylum!" I always wanted to go out and start the car, to make a statement. I would have been punished. We didn't have nice, neat "groundings" like everyone else. We had punishments. Wow. You're dark. Next? That's not all! He also used to say, "You don't s--t from Shinola!" And I would ask, What's Shinola, dad?" "I'll show you what it is!" he would threaten. He drank a lot. How about you, Sands?

I was asked once, seriously, if "my people" celebrated Thanksgiving. Like we're not American enough to celebrate the same holidays. (It's like the time Joseph got asked on "King of the Hill"! Did you guys used to celebrate it?) Not really, not because we never did, but because it was too much trouble for my mom. I used to go over my girlfriend's house. Hey, just like Joseph. *Laughter*

I was raised without parents. So I guess that would technically make me an orphan. Worst thing about it was they were there. Physically. They were "checked out" in every other way. One drinking, the other spacing out. One emotionally distant, the other smothering. One aggressive, the other passive. One yelling like a lunatic, the other too brow beaten to speak up. So, essentially, we can agree, We were all raised by a Homer and a Marge?

What if the Griffins were America's first family, the Simpsons?
Native American Joseph is cheating with the asker's blond wife.

So is everyone going to a Vegan Thanksgiving ( this year? Unless you guys are planning to harass and hurt animals with paint balls? *Laughter* No, we'll be there, and I'm making California guacamole, which everyone loves all year long.
Everyone welcome to the potluck!
FREE Vegan Potluck Picnic on Thanksgiving
Vegan pizza (Animal Advocacy Museum)
When: Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013, 11:00 am-4:00 pm. Where: Rancho Park, 2551 Motor Ave., L.A., CA 90064. (Enter at the first entrance south of Pico on Motor Avenue or see this nice map). 
What: Veggie feast attended by hundreds because it is promoted all over the county, and most people do not RSVP. See Facebook.
There may be similar events all over the country, but this is the annual Vegan Thanksgiving Day Potluck Picnic. It continues for its third decade at the same Rancho Park location. Invite friends. Non-vegans are more than welcome, they are encouraged to attend. This is LA's longest-running single day vegan tradition.

It's a potluck to look forward to every year with hundreds in attendance. Join a peaceful, turkey-friendly Thanksgiving. Share delicious food, desserts, and drinks. Connect with beautiful people. Enjoy the outdoor environment with music, live performances, and an open mic! So feel free to bring drums or other musical instruments, a Frisbee or a ball to toss. It's a great place for children. Well behaved animal companions like dogs (on leashes) are welcome. More

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