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Are gays, Trump good for Republican party?

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; text by
Herr Trump was fired from Omnivision, NBC, Macy's...for being a racist instigator brutish enough to skip use "dog whistle" politics. Instead, he barks like a pitbull into a bullhorn. Why?
Flag Afire
Corporations, politicians and more people than ever favor finally doing away with the South’s Civil War battle standard
André Coleman, Andryanna Sheppard, Des Delgadillo (Pasadena Weekly, July 2, 2015)
I'm God's gift to speech making!
Local leaders supported efforts to bring the Civil War battle flag of the Confederacy down from its spot at the South Carolina Capitol Building in the wake of the blatantly racist fatal shooting at a black church two weeks ago.

On June 18th, Dylann Storm Roof [was programmed and prompted and thereafter] walked into the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and opened fire, killing nine people [leaving one alive to tell his story].
What if I did a comb-over and bleached it?
Roof attended a Bible study at the church for an hour and requested to sit next to the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, the church’s pastor and a much-revered state senator, before opening fire.

“You rape our women and are taking over our country,” Roof reportedly said immediately before opening fire.

In photographs, Roof posed with the Confederate battle flag, which called attention to the flag’s history of racism and resistance to racial integration.

Confederate flag aflame, burning with racism.
“For some, the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage,” said Assemblyman and former Pasadena City Councilman Chris Holden. “But for many blacks, the Confederate flag is a symbol of racial hatred and a brutal past. Taking down the Confederate flag is not enough. There must be a dismantling of the culture of racism that will only occur when the racist allows his or her heart and mind to be changed.”

California outlawed the sale and display of the Confederate flag on state grounds last November. More

Heroically taking justice into her own hands.
(WQ) Nothing is real in politics, so commonsense goes out the window. And although The Donald seems like a deficit to the party, he will be spun into an asset. Could Republicans be so smart to know this in advance, or will some spin-master solve their "no publicity is bad publicity" fiasco into a win over Sanders and Clinton?

"Not my flag," haters! I say no to racism.
One thing is sure: Trump is not going to run after the debates, if only because he would have to disclose his finances and reveal that he is not worth nearly the $9 billion he brags about being worth, and this revelation would sink him further after taking so much flack from corporations now distancing themselves from him. 

WTH? I'm fired?! But I help Bush!
Like Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who got 10,000 unpaid cheerers and supporters to come out to hear him speak recently, more than any other candidate of either party. Well, there really is only one party in the US, two sides of the same coin. There's the corporate party with its left and right wings, both very moderate because the center guidepost has been shifted to the right with president after president conceding on ideals so that dead president Ronald Reagan is called a hero by the right for having promoted things too left for today's left. Even fellow dead president Dick Nixon did more for the environment than Democrats do today.

Propaganda tools: $50 each, hired to cheer and pretend to support Don Trump (AP).
New to see a sharks at work?
If Karl Rove is today's Goebbels, who will he back, elite globalist Jeb Bush or dumb Donny Trump? Either way Republicans win no matter what the Bush Dynasty has done to this country from the time of literal Nazi Prescott Bush to Dick Cheney's relative Barry Obama in the latest iteration of a "Bush" administration -- not in name but in continuity of policies. The corporations of our military-industrial complex do more ruling than an personality elected to front for the "powers that be." Any of the Republican candidates would quickly fall in line and get behind the new trade treaties and back room deals. Sec'y of State Clinton is champing at the bit for the job as Chief Acquiescer, willing to sell out the left in no time flat. So who will it be, who will it be? Grab your seat and watch the horse race begin!

Who's pulling the strings, burning the churches, staging the atrocities, sending in the patsies, focusing on flags and symbols? The distraction-based military-industrial-pharmaceutical-entertainment complex. And without thinking, all people do is fight about surface matters and their beloved symbols. Engaged Buddhists are better off keeping their eye on the BIG picture and simultaneously pursing their practice because one will sooner be enlightened than all of this misdirection, misinformation, and propaganda is revealed.

(, June 2, 2015) Israeli author Max Blumenthal on Gaza; Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on U.S. domestic imperialism; scientific study on working moms.
Love Wins
Locals celebrate Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality
André Coleman
Celebrants, supporters cheer Supreme Court
More than 100 people gathered on two Pasadena streets that feed the Foothill (210) Freeway to let people driving through town know how elated they were about the US Supreme Court decision granting all citizens the right to marry.

Supporters signed poster boards and waved rainbow flags near the freeway overpass, which encouraged some to pull off the freeway and join the event.

Oh, Heathcliff! - Who? - I mean Hubby!
“We are happy that [the Supreme Court] acknowledged the humanity of all Americans with the legal advantages of marriage. [It's] not an end, but a step on [the] road,” said Liz Schiller, a member of the Pasadena Pride Center and one of the demonstrators.

I'm glad we joined Chi Town gay bathhouse
The rally was just one of dozens of “Love Wins” rallies held across the country Friday.

The jubilation began after the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that it is legal for all Americans to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation.

North America loves its gays.
Up until that point, 37 states and the District of Columbia [Washington, D.C., the US capital] already recognized marriage equality. The ruling forced the remaining 13 states to accept marriage equality as the law of the land. More

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