Wednesday, July 22, 2015

California drought is ending! Is it?

The Buddha in pari-nirvana pose when floods inundated Thailand (
Clouds hover overhead, the air is humid and sticky, and El Nino is coming (

Sandy the California salmon (
Southern California has been singing in the rain for the past few days. A hurricane from Mexico -- sent by the sky devas no doubt -- brought us a miracle of summer showers. We were right on the edge of ruin.

Lawns dying, golfing greens turning slightly yellow, farmers spreading petrochemical-contaminated water on agricultural fields, millionaires being levied fines to keep their yards a cut above their neighbor's, you even had to ask for a glass of water at restaurants. The reservoirs were wilting, the streams nonexistent, and the water table plummeting. But now the Pasadena Star-News spangled all over its front page:

SoCal temps are down -2, whereas the drought in the west now covers 60% and the nation as a whole has gotten 2.9 degrees hotter due to human made disturbances. But it is not only corporate polluters, wasteful public habits, and insane laws that, for instance, say it is illegal to store rainwater in your yard or obstruct its free flow into the gutter to go out to sea.

Abundance vs. scarcity = climate chaos.
There never really was a natural drought except that chemtrails, HAARP, geo-engineering mimicked one (see, and we can't believe those plans are suddenly being aborted. It is a war of positive and negative forces, the helpful to life and the inimical. It has been going on on purpose. The mass eradication of a large portion of the population has been the ulterior motive and declared objective. The means are epidemics (Swine Flu, anybody?), vaccinations (infectious agents steeped in corrosive chemicals that disable the immune system while claiming to make it hardy, mercury, aluminum, anything anyone wants with immunity from prosecution), heavy metal poisonings through a chemical stew that rains down on population centers to poison us and alkalinize the soil... But nobody believes in that. The devas will not tolerate such plans.

Our best source of steady water throughout the year is melting snow, but we currently have a record low snow pack according to the latest mountain survey (

Hot and Sticky?
Get Used To It
Warmer, humid weather expected through October, followed by El Nino rains
Steve Scauzillo (Pasadena Star-News, July 22, 2015)
Heat and humidity. The infamous East Coast duo has been exported to the West, and climatologists predict Southern California can expect more of the sticky combination through October, followed by heavier precipitation powered by a strengthening El Nino cooking the waters of the Pacific... More

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